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"Life is not a destination but a journey"

An Idea is Born

Being the oldest child and grandchild has opened doors for public speaking at most of the family functions. However, I discovered I have a passion for this and absolutely adore making a special day perfect. After several recent events it has been put to me by more than one person why don't you do this professionally, so two years later I have found the time is right.


I have been described as many things, but recent support letters suggest I am vivacous, fun, infectious, but totally serious when the need calls. I make people feel at ease and can handle most situations that may, make life difficult for my clients. I see solutions not problems and have had a varied life which allows me empathy and understanding.

On the other hand I am timely, dedicated to the task at hand and love what I do.


Most relevant would be the current Diploma in Celebrancy I am completing. I also hold a Diploma in Management, Business and Human Resources. I was an Area Manager for a Social Services organisaton for 5 years, sold Real Estate and have been married to the same partner for 33 years. As a farmers wife I have worked in shearing sheds, reared calves, and raised three beautiful boys, all of whom are now living their own lives with their partners and children, all of whom I see alot of.

Why Me?

I promise you I will give you the best ceremony possible. I am warm and friendly have loads of energy and will always put my clients first. I called this business Moments in Time as I feel, we all experience moments in life that will change us in some way forever, be it the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one or the beginning of a new life together. This Moment in Time is yours to keep forever and I would be honoured to be a small part in that moment.